The cricket bat manufacturing process

Utilising our own cleft grown in the North of England and dried in our own kiln, our skilled craftsmen use all their skills and experience to create some of the finest professional cricket bats on the market.

The Cleft

When the Log Lifter arrives at the Kippax yard with a full load (around 20 tonnes) of willow the first job is to unload the trunks.

We will cut the trunks into 30 inch lengths and begin the splitting process, always ensuring each one is split from the central point of the trunk where the initial set was planted, this ensures the cleft is going with the grain and not across it as this would cause the finished bat to be prone to early breakage.

Once split the sections are cut on industrial bandsaws into the final cleft shape, waxed and then stacked for air drying.  Only when the cleft reaches a moisture level of 10% will the the bat making process begin.


Our crafters check the cleft for quality and structural integrity before carving the bat to produce the distinctive cricket bat shape. From here the handle is fitted, then the bat is treated to ensure the wood is protected and  the final livery and grips are applied.

After a number of quality checks and testing the bat its ready for you, the customer.

Graham Gooch voted our bat his joint No1 favourite (All Out Cricket magazine.)

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