Professional Cricket Bat Repairs

Every KIPPAX cricket bat leaves our factory having been fully knocked in and a protective clear face applied (unless otherwise requested).

However, in the nature of the game a hard cricket ball will, at some time or other, crack or ultimately break the wooden bat.

Care & Maintain

We will make the distinction whether, in our opinion, based on our experience if the bat has broken due to ‘Wear & Tear’ or due to a ‘Manufacturing fault’.  In any event we will endeavour to make sure we satisfy all our customer expectations.

Our Prices

  • Repairs
    Face / Shoulder / Toe glue / Fix
  • WAVEX Rehandle
    Remove and replace WAVEX Low Vibration Handle
  • Bat rehandle
    Remove and replace handle
  • Balancing
    Weight reduction, calibration and rebalancing
  • Toe Guard
    Remove and replace
  • Full Service
    Sand, Glue,Polish & Regrip
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