NEVER leave your cricket bat inside the house – it WILL dry, become brittle and break.  Always leave it in the garage or any cold/damp safe place.

ALWAYS get used to your new bat in the practice nets.  Playing straight ‘push’ shots for half of the net time.  Switch to your old bat when you want to play firmer shots.  Gradually phase the new one in and the old one out.  Do this BEFORE using it in a live match.

NEVER buy a new bat and go straight into a match – you will not be used to it and increase the chance of breaking it.

Over 80% of bats break in the nets – fact.  Therefore use your old bat when you want to show your mates how far/hard you can hit it.  Save your new KIPPAX bat for the real showtime – in the middle, where it counts when everyone’s watching!!

Note– Why not consider buying a KIPPAX
Laminate (2 clefts glued together and shaped into a bat) which many pro’s use for practicing for exactly the reasons detailed above (NB cannot be used in matches – MCC law 6). Please call or email for further information.

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