Increased Power and Efficiency

WAVEX is a unique cricket bat handle designed to improve power and drive by re diverting energy from the handle to the ball impact point.

How does it work?

The WAVEX incorporates a unique wave structure into the cricket bat handle. This wave (or ripple) is designed to vastly reduce friction/vibration by dampening and redirecting this energy back to the impact point and so transferring more energy back to the ball. In conventional bats energy travels along a straight line from the impact to the handle, In a WAVEX this is prevented by the cutting edge wave system.

  • Reduced Vibration

  • Increased Power

  • Hand Made

  • Exclusive to Kippax

  • 50% Increase on Energy to Power Ratio

  • Advanced Design


We tested two identical bats, both from the same tree. One bat with a standard handle and the other with a WAVEX. The results of our are staggering.

WAVEX V’s Standard Handle Cricket Bat


50% less energy was felt at the top of the WAVEX handle, rather than travelling to the handle, this energy was re-directed to the ball impact point. We call this less energy/power loss.

The power ratio when measured in reference to angular ball speed (the amount of force striking the bat) is significantly greater with the waves over the bat without the waves. Higher dampening of vibration waves in all axis tend to indicate more energy transfer from the bat to the ball. We conclude from our tests that the wavex design significantly improves the power ratio of the bat by up to 50%

United Controls International Inc, Tucker, Georgia, USA (Independently Tested).

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